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Let It Shine with EOS

As the warm weather is ending, cold weather follows along with dry lips. Many people are plagued with dry, cracked lips when the temperature starts dropping. There is magnificent news for long-time lip sufferers, there is a lip balm for you; Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balm. EOS is 100% natural and 95% organic. You will feel as your lips are rejoicing with long-lasting moisture and when applies smooths on clear. EOS lip balm isn’t a normal lip balm as it isn’t just in a cylinder stick as others are but in a small sphere container. The small sphere container, however, is the main design, but for the few people who are old fashion you have a choice of smooth stick lip balm.

EOS lip balm offers a variety of choices available on both eBay and Ulta; from the type of flavors or the types of smoothness. A few favorites are coconut milk, passion fruit, visibly soft, smooth, and shimmer smooth. For the energetic, exercise-loving person, your lips will not feel dry and crack anymore with active protection lip balm; excite your lips with the grapefruit flavor as well as protecting as this lip balm offers SPF 30 protection. Going out with the girls or that special loved one, or are you just going about your day as normal? Let your lips shine, with EOS shimmer smooth lip balm; offered in pink or pearl. Can’t decide on just one, EOS offers 2- or 4-pack lip balm. Don’t let your lips go through the day dry again, smooth on EOS lip balm and feel moisture all day. Visit for more info.




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TOWN Residential Provides Access to the Best Luxury Homes

Luxury homes are a big deal in certain parts of New York. It has become important for people to see the benefits of getting a home that is going to meet their needs. The wealthy may have some specifications that are precise. When they need to find the homes that have exactly what they are looking for TOWN Residential is going to be the best possible solution for house hunting.


There are a lot of people that are thrilled about the possibility to moving into a home or apartment in Manhattan. This is the area in New York where TOWN shines as the leader in home listings. The great thing about using TOWN Residential is the large selection of homes that are listed in areas like West Village, Upper East Side and Greenwich Village.


What the agents from TOWN Residential are able to do is help those that may be looking for certain features. Sometimes there are residents that desire to have something like a fireplace or access to a common rooftop area. Others may want the ability to get a perfect view of the city from a loft. There are a bountiful number of options available for all that are seeking a place in any of the fine Manhattan areas that have become known for luxury. What TOWN Residential has done is give people access to the listing that they may have never known about. Anyone can go through Manhattan and see houses that are for sale. It takes a skilled agent, however, to direct people to what they really want.


That is why many people may attend things like an open house. This is something that allows people to take a look inside and see if they are really getting what they want. People that need to check out an open house can check the TOWN website and can get a feel for the places that are available for viewing.


The great thing about TOWN is that these agents are skilled in showing their clients the properties that are going to be perfect for what they are looking for. Some real estate companies have homes and agents that are trying to push homes off on potential buyers. TOWN doesn’t do that. This is a company with masterful agents that take the time to listen to the clients. They want to make sure that the clients are viewing homes that are to their liking. Otherwise, it is just a waste of time for the client and the agent.


Manhattan certainly gives potential buyers a lot of choices. There are going to be some people that are going to buy the first home that they see. Others may be a bit pickier. These are the clients that may look at homes in multiple areas until they are satisfied. TOWN has the agents that have the patience to deal with this indecisiveness. Buying a home is a big purchase. TOWN agents ultimately want to make sure that the clients are happy.



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Smell Blood In The Water? White Shark Media Will Help You Reach Your Goals

If you’re a business, then you probably know how hard it is to find new customers. They’re the lifeblood of your business, as you more than likely rely on getting paid so that you can pay your own bills. However, you have to be able to distinguish between the chum buckets and the real fish, which is why White Shark Media is there to get more traffic and real prospects for your business.

Wathc he video that explains more about White Shark Media:

Without these prospects, your business has very little hope of succeeding in this highly-competitive market. While competition is just a reality of life, it’s how you respond to it that distinguishes your business from all of the other people out there whom are just fishing around for new prospects.

White Shark is a Georgia-based company which is in the business of doing exactly that. As a web marketer, they specialize in search marketing with focus on optimizing from both Adwords and Bing advertising campaigns. The fact that they focus on two different advertising platforms makes the company unique in the business of online marketing. Online marketing can really make or break your business, and the company does everything in their power to ensure that your traffic will be attracted to the campaigns that you are running on a daily basis

The company is also familiar with the Shopify online store platform which is a top pick among e-commerce retailers. Shopify is such a great asset because it allows you to market your products online and collect payment for in a simple manner. However, it can be such a challenge to manage because it is so new to people whom are used to having control over their own sites. Fortunately, experts such as White Shark Media are there to help you make sense of the platform.

White Shark Media Review team is also an established company which has been in business for 6 years and has 144 employees. This means that they’ll more than likely be around to see it that your advertising campaigns go off without a hitch. They’ve seen a lot of the recent trends which have occurred in the search marketing business and have made things a challenge for most marketers, so they provide much-needed insights in that space.

Essentially, they are there to make sure you’re catching real fish instead of just chum whenever you run your ads online, which can be very costly very quickly.

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White Shark Media – Google+


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Who Needs Wen By Chaz The Most? wanted to know who needs Wen by Chaz the most, and they decided that they should do a test with someone who has thin hair. The thin hair that people have is usually thought of as just stringy and not easy to style. People wish that it had more volume and body, and they cannot fix that unless they are using a good shampoo like WEN Hair by Chaz.
Wen hair by Chaz works by using the best ingredients to treat hair so that it will start to grow thicker and stay stronger. Stronger hair will not fall out as easily, and that will make the hair even thicker than it already was. Someone who is trying to make the most out of their shampoo needs to be sure that they are going to use it as often as possible.

Shampooing with Wen by Chaz is easy for everyone, and it is much easier for people to get their hair to stay strong. They are able to use the shampoo in the shower every day, and they will start to see their hair get better. It can be a big change in someone’s life, and it can be a change that other people will notice.

The article on has Wen by Chaz working from the beginning to the end of the showering process. Showering is much easier for people to do when they use the pictures from the article to get their hair washed. The person who wrote the article wet her hair, showered her hair and showed the instructions. She showed that her hair came out clean and pretty when she was done, and she showed that her thin hair survived. Anyone who needs to get help for their thin hair can trust that Wen by Chaz will work for them better than anything else. Wen hair product are available on both Sephora cosmetics and on Amazon.

Visit the website:


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Brian Bonar Is Named Who’s Who In Finance From His Contribution In Dalrada Financial Corporation

The field of finance is a vast area and complicated subject that pertains management of both money, assets, and liabilities. It can be broken down into three categories public, personal and corporate finance each with a separate way of managing assets and liabilities. Personal finance covers individuals and families to handle wills, savings plans and wealth management.

Public finance covers resources used by taxpayers such as schools and law enforcement. Corporate finance has the most complex structure where the resources to be managed are present in the corporate environment such as taxes, salaries, and new equipment. As complicated as the three branches of finance are, it requires the finance officer to have necessary knowledge and experience to be able to serve clients.

According to Whitepages, one man that has proven to have the skills to handle the three categories is Brian Bonar. He has helped thousands of clients manage and protect their assets from the time he started his career. Bonar attended the University of Strathclyde and Staffordshire University where he graduated with his undergraduate degree and doctorate respectively. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

Before Bonar joined Dalrada Financial Corporation, he worked for Adaptec and Bezier Systems, Rastek Corporation, IMB and Adaptec all of which he was in the management or director positions.

In 1992, he was the director of technology sales for Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar was able to rise in the ranks fast because of his attention to detail and work ethic in less than a decade. He became the vice president of marketing and sales and executive vice president in 1994.

He then became the president and chief operating officer 1996 and the chairman of the board in 1999. Due to his good leadership in Dalrada Financial Corporation has grown to become a well-known name in the financial field.

Brian Bonar was recently honored as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. The designation is important for Bonar’s career considering that it is only given to two males and females in each category each year. This is not the first time he was nominated for the Who’s Who Executive award.

In 2000 he was named the Who’s Who in America. Professor Brian Bonar has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector and has served over a decade as the head of Dalrada.

Dalrada Financial Solutions recorded incredible growth under the management of Bonar to become the most respected firms in the world. The company is well known for its ability to increase efficiency in risk management insurance.

Over the years, the company has provided perfect financial management solutions including offering solutions in capital protection to different companies. The strategy of the company is to understand the needs of their clients, and the goal is to make a lasting impact to the bottom line of the companies.

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IAP Worldwide’s Communications and Logistics Abilities

IAP Worldwide Services is a major company that has its corporate headquarters in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The firm’s primary areas of concentration are power solutions, government services, communications, infrastructure, information technology and aviation and engineering practices. IAP Worldwide Services has a large staff of no fewer than 2,000 individuals. These professionals are based in many countries as well. Douglas Kitani is IAP Worldwide Service’s Director. He’s also its CEO. The company’s leadership department includes Executive Vice President Terry DeRosa, Senior Vice President Rochelle Cooper (also commonly known simply as “Shelly”) and Corporate Services, Communications and Human Resources Vice President Barbara Jerich.

Power solutions drive the team at IAP Worldwide Services. The company’s employees frequently assist clients with subject matter such as power plant management, power plant running, renewable energy, permanent power and temporary power. The company is perpetually trying to find eco-friendly energy choices for clients. It’s also perpetually trying to find affordably energy choices for them.

IAP Worldwide Services manages many government services for clients. The team members at the company know a lot about urgent responses, aviation upkeep, aviation maintenance, networks, supply chain management and logistics.

Communications mean a lot to the professionals who work for IAP Worldwide Services. That’s why one of the firm’s aims is to help clients discover effective and efficient channels of communication. IAP Worldwide Services provides its clients with many useful and reliable communications services. Its employees routinely help clients with long haul fiber, data center design, security and information technology infrastructure. The company has significant knowledge that relates to logistics guidance, program management and expeditionary assistance in general.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

Many clients in locations everywhere rely on IAP Worldwide Services to accommodate their expeditionary infrastructure requirements. That’s because the company’s infrastructure experts can help them with facilities upkeep, facilities engineering, utilities, power fields and more.

There are also many seasoned aviation engineering talents who work for IAP Worldwide Services. The company has numerous aircraft programs that handle everything from parts repair to updates. Some of the services that are associated with aviation engineering at IAP Worldwide Services are facility support, industrial support, inventory management, supply chain management and even engineering design.

IAP Worldwide Services is a company that focuses on nonstop growth. That’s why its team members are always learning about advancements in the engineering and technical worlds alike. IAP Worldwide Services strengthens its products and services by analyzing current and powerful trends.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

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How White Shark Media is Streamlining Operations by Responding to Client Needs

Throughout the years, White Shark Media Complaints team has received a lot of positive reviews and complements for the high-quality services they have extended to clients. However, these achievements have not been without few complaints, something the company has taken advantage of to improve their services and products.

It may be understood that it can take many years before a company is stable enough to only produce complements. White Shark Media has been active in responding to customer complaints and below are examples of complaints the marketing agency has received and how the management has used the information to make improvements.

“My AdWords Campaign is not working”
Initially, White Shark Media did not provide clients with adequate reporting procedures, something that made it challenging for clients to understand their campaigns before signing up. This triggered the management team to introduce improved features that would allow clients to review reports so they could understand what each report entails.  Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

Through the available support, the company first explains to clients everything about their campaigns and offers advice on how the campaign can be customized to address their needs better. This has seen massive returns and many clients are happy with the way White Shark Media is giving personal attention to each client.

“I have a problem with communication”
As an agency that banks on consultancy, communication is vital and cannot be overlooked. It is the most basic task that the company needs to address so clients can get reliable services. Communication has been enhanced through additional features and staff. Customers no longer have to wait long for feedback because the support team is active around the clock. White Shark Media has also implemented the direct extensions system for calls, which allows clients to contact the person they need directly.

“I don’t like my campaign on your account”
In 2012, White Shark Media implemented a new procedure, which would allow clients to manage their AdWords campaign better. The company introduced a feature that enabled clients to proceed working on their accounts if the previous campaigns were successful and performed as expected.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

“How can I track my AdWords performance?”
Many customers initially posted saying they were not able to track their AdWords performance, mainly because there were few tools to allow them achieve this goal. New features by White Shark Media include an in-house process with a tracking tool. This tool tracks conversations, calls and Google Analytics to offer customers useful data about the performance of their campaign.

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Kabbalah Enriches Religion No Matter What Your Native Faith

When most people hear about Kabbalah, they think of singer Madonna who started studying Kabbala in 1996. So what is Kabbalah all about? The International Kabbalah Centre was established in 1984 by Phillip Berg. The precursor to Kabbalah was Yeshivah Kol Yehuda in Israel in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein and Phillip Berg. Some sources say that Rav Yehuda Ashlag established Kabbalah in Jerusalem in 1922 in order to improve other people’s lives through spirituality and end worldly chaos. After Tzvi’s death, Berg and his wife Karen began the Kabbalah Center in New York, NY in 1965. Today, there are about 50 branches of Kabbalah throughout the world including Toronto, Canada, and London, England. The teachings are based on Judaism but reflect universal spiritual wisdom. Kabbalah is not supposed to replace traditional religion; it is supposed to enhance it. After his passing in 2013, Phillip Berg’s son, Yehuda became a co-director along with his mother. Although Yehuda Berg is a rabbi, he co-directs the Kabbalah Centre with his mother and his brother, Michael Berg. By enhancing the practice of religion, in general, Kabbalah teaches parts of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam.

Kabbalah brings out the essence of all religions. Kabbalah teaches many bible principles especially the one about the Red Sea. This religion believes that only one percent of reality can be achieved by using the five senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell.

Even though Kabbalah teaches the essence of all religions, anyone who pursues getting involved with the religion needs to acquaint themselves with Jewish laws. It is also recommended that nobody attempt to become involved with Kabbalah until they are 40. However, there might be some exceptions since I think, Madonna was in her late thirties when she became involved in the teachings of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah offers volunteer programs for people who want to help out at special events and at local centers. One volunteer realized that a person does not need any money to make a difference in another person’s life. By helping others, Aida Ramirez has enriched her own life and gained a lot of confidence.

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The Midas Legacy -Incredible Financial Aid All Business Persons Acquire From the Midas Legacy

Are you an entrepreneur overwhelmed by your business and financial management issues? If yes, then what actions have you taken to win the financial stress challenge? Creating a financial plan for your business will help you see a bigger picture of your financial future. Additionally, a financial plan will help you set long and short term goals for your investment.

Attaining the best out of your investment may call for more than just a budget plan. You needed someone knowledgeable and experienced in the field to be able to overcome all your mistakes.

The Midas Legacy group
The Midas Legacy is a financial advisory panel able and willing to help you attain the best from your business by ensuring your finances are best managed. The company is located in Winter Garden, Florida.

Who should seek help from The Midas Legacy group?
– In case your wish to manage your finances yet you are not sure how to begin
– lack adequate time and resources to do your financial planning
– need an expert opinion concerning a plan you have created
– lack enough knowledge in various areas. For example, insurance and investments
– have a momentous or unexpected event

Primary services offered by the company
The Midas Legacy has experts ready to help you in a variety of services. For example,

1. Set measurable financial goals
The Midas Legacy professional are well equipped in setting objectives. They will help you set attainable targets and goals of what you wish to achieve. For instance, instead of stating that you prefer being comfortable after your retirement or that you hope you want your kids would join better schools, quantify what is meant by saying healthy and safe.

2. Know the impact of every financial decision
You can affect other areas of your life from the decision you make. For example, a business decision might have tax consequences that are unproductive to your estate plans. Additionally, a plan for your kids’ education may alter how and when you meet your retirement objectives. The Midas Legacy experts will explain how your financial plans are interrelated.

3. Realistic expectations
Financial decisions will not change your condition in a single night; it is a slow process. The Midas Legacy will help you know and understand events that are beyond your
control. For example, changes in stock or even inflation.

Reaching your limit or attaining high levels of success is a hard task to many. However from the above-learned lessons, you can agree that through The Midas Legacy group, accomplishing your objectives turns to be an easy thing to all.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy:

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Norka Luque and the New Air of Positivity

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan nationalist who has motivated most people to pursue their dreams through her inspiring story. According to her story, she never believed in impossibility and this has been her main driving force. Norka Luque discovered her love and passion for music when she was still a little girl. Since her young age, she has always identified her goals and striven so hard to accomplish them. She has made great impact in the music industry by composing songs full of hope messages. Her parents have been by her side since her childhood and it is this unconditional support that made Luque succeed. Her musical training began with flamenco, piano ballet and voice practices classes and all this happened while she was pursuing her academic education.

Her Education and Career

Norka signed up for her business administration course in France after completing her high school education which she did in the United States. Much if her time in France was spent in studying, however she did not put aside her musical aspirations for even a second. She managed to earn herself Degrees in marketing, fashion and culinary arts. Being part of the Bad Moon Rising band while in France contributed more to her dream of being a great singer.

Before resuming to her primary ambition which is music, Norka pursued her banking career in Monaco. She collaborated with a producer known as Jose Velazquez in the United States to come up with an amazing album. Her long life dream came to reality after her debut release which was made possible by her being acquainted with Emilio Estefan who assisted her in the crafting of the album. Her earliest album was a real hit. This release managed to win several awards such as the Latin music awards and this made her have a strong conviction that she can achieve the best out of herself.

Her Motivators

Luque has several motivators who have kept her going through her music career. She prefers artists like Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Shakira, Alesso Hanson and George Michael among others. It is evident that Luque has a passion for all music genres and this has made her have experience on different types of songs. Luque is a big fan of rap, dance, rock and pop music among others. Despite of her health hardships which came up from her brain surgery early 2015, she is still strong and active to pursue her dreams.

Follow Norka on Facebook to learn more about her music and interests.

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