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Recap of Cleansing Conditioner in the Wen Haircare Line

Even after several accounts of possible bad side effects of the Wen haircare line, Emily McClure decided to try their product and review it on Bustle. Here is the link Emily is an avid haircare fanatic who decided, despite the bad reports, it was well worth trying to find out if the “amazing” haircare line was worth all the hype it was getting. She opted for the Fig version that promises moisture, bounce, and shine.

Emily goes on the describe her hair as a greasy/frizzy, unruly mess and in desperate need of a shower. As she begins the process, she starts by reading the directions and realizing that the recommended use amount is quite a large number, especially for someone with fine hair. There are then photos that show the separate amounts of a regular amount of a shampoo used and the recommended amount of Wen product to use.

After following the directions and continuing this process for seven days. Even though Emily found that her hair did not stay curled for long, her hair was beginning to really gleam. She even got compliments on Twitter on how shiny her hair was, while out with friends. Overall, she found that the product is wonderful for a person who showers and styles their hair daily, but not for those who shower nightly or not every day.

The Wen by Chaz Dean haircare line is one of the most known haircare products out on the market today. This product claims to take any damage done to hair and repair it. There are several different lines for each type of hair that could be out there. Wen hair products are sold by major retailers which eBay and Guthy-Renker to name a few.


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Madison Street Capital Releases its M&A Report for 2015

Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a well-known investment banking company that was founded several years ago. The institution has always been committed to excellence, integrity, service and leadership in delivering the financial advisory services to organizations that are publicly and privately owned.

Madison Street Capital has been able to accomplish a lot because it understands the sensitivity of time in corporate finance, and it has always been able to respond tenaciously and quickly to the opportunities that come out. The approach used by the banking firm has created finance transactions where the investors and business owners benefit significantly. The institution has all the knowledge, the experience and relationships that can match the sellers and buyers. The banking firm has all that is needed inappropriate financing, capitalization structures and many other activities that are required to fit the needs of the clients.

For many years, Madison Street Capital’s reputation has been good because it always uses methodologies that reflect its expertise and experience in all the areas in corporate finance, especially in acquisitions and mergers, specialized financing, due diligence and market pricing, deal structuring, valuation and the implementation of alternative exit strategies.

The company is also known for helping clients in different parts of the world in reaching their goals in a timely manner. The institution’s understanding and experience in the areas of corporate finance and corporate governance is one of the reasons Madison Street has become a leader in the financial advisory services. At the moment, the investment banking firm has offices in Africa, North America, and Asia. The institution is also looking forward to increasing the number of its offices in the future.

Not long ago, Madison Street Capital decided to release a report explaining the transaction activities and M&A prospects in the industry. According to the report, the investment bank managed to successfully close forty-two operations in the year 2015. The report also explained that this number was high compared to the thirty-two transactions completed in 2014. The volume of the transaction was reported to have increased significantly in the year 2015 too. The report explained that 2016 was looking more profitable than the other tears because of the deal momentum.

The assets in the hedge fund industry also registered a great success in the year 2015 despite the weak performance that was recorded in the fund strategies in the previous years. Investors in the industry decided to diversify their portfolios by varying in the alternative asset management industry.

The investment banking company is expected to announce the report for the year 2016, and the results will be better. The company has been doing quite well, and this has enabled it to get several awards in the competitive market. Madison Street Capital has also been committed to offering help to the unfortunate individuals in the society.

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Waiakea Water Brings A New Volcanic Sustainable Water To Consumers

For the past couple of decades, more and more people have been turning away from bottled water. The plastic bottles create more trash and are worse for the environment. They also tend to contain city water, as opposed to natural water.

To most consumers, the risk just isn’t worth. More and more people are choosing to lessen their carbon footprint on the earth. Waiakea Water is the new exception to the rule. This water company gets its water from a pure, natural source and is sold in environmentally friendly packaging.

 Waiakea water was founded by Ryan Emmons. He wanted to build a company based around his idea of bottled Hawaiian volcanic water after he discovered there was something magical and special about the water he and his family had been drinking. He knew he wanted other people to try one of the most healthy and sustainable water sources on Earth.

According to Crunchbase, Waiakea spring water is taken from one, pure source on the Big Island of Hawaii. This water is filtered through the Mauna Loa volcano and has a unique mineral composition. It’s rich in electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. Learn more about Waiakea water:

It also has the close-to perfect amount of silica, which gives the water a silky taste. This silica has also shown that it can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by up to 11 percent.

This special water also has a pH amount that makes it naturally alkaline. Pure water has a slightly lower pH, and even though there are waters which are artificially alkaline, those tend to be worse for your body. Studies have shown that drinking artificially alkaline water has side effects that should be avoided.

Aside from Waiakea’s water coming from a naturally sustainable source, it is also bottled at a business location that uses 33 percent renewable energy. The sustainability of their water is also reflected in the way they chose to package it. It is one of the first bottled waters to be certified by CarbonNeutral.

It is made with 100 percent recycled materials that use 85 percent less energy to make than regular plastic bottles. The bottles are BPA-free and the creation process also reduces carbon emissions by more than 90 percent. Learn more about Waiakea water:

In addition to the environmentally friendly mission of the water, Waiakea as a company also holds a global mission. They partnered with Pump Aid which is a charity that dedicates itself to implementing clean water supplies to communities in rural Africa. This charity has given over 1.35 million people access to clean and safe water.

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Go Where Your Heart Is

What is the most succinct advice a young entrepreneur can be given? What can a person launching out into the deep of any industry do that will not only enable her to be successful but also allow her to find peace? Doe Deere knows exactly what advice to give: Follow your heart.

The “Queen of Unicorns” is at it again. She is continuing to spread her brand of love and color throughout the fashion and cosmetic world not just by creating breath-takingly beautiful products but also by encouraging young entrepreneurs to follow their passion.

“Every person,” she says, “has something special about herself. Everyone has a unique skill or gift that belongs only to her. Find that place “where you love,” explore it, tune into it, and watch yourself blossom. This is a goal that is achievable once you learn to love and get to know yourself.

Doe Deere is one of the cosmetic and fashion world’s most unique figures. Beautiful in an innocent and neurotic way, she brings into the atmosphere a burst of color that will not be denied or ignored. She has inspired a plethora of young women to follow their hearts and make their dreams come true. The creator of Lime Crime is the kind of risk taker she encourages her followers to be. Born in Russia, reared in the U.S. in New York and now a resident of Los Angeles, Deere followed her dream of being a musician into the world of cosmetics where her love of color and her vivid imagination thrived.

Her detailed oriented brand, Lime Crime, is made of non-animal ingredients and is certified Vegan and Cruelty-free by PETA. Lime Crime is on a mission to fundamentally change makeup. This trend setting brand is determined to change how and where you shop for your makeup and beauty products and how they make you feel once you get them on. Lime Crime is a “kick-ass” product that lets you unapologetically be you.

Makeup allows women the freedom of expression that can be found in no other beauty product. Whether its with ink, lavender, or orange hair, or with blue or fuchsia lips, makeup lets a woman tap into the adventurous world of beauty without fear of judgment. Lime Crime and its imaginative founder is willing to continue to create new and different products that will take the wearer as far as she is willing to go.

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EOS’ Expansion in Lip Balm

A new lip balm may not seem like some new and innovative product that revolutionizes an industry but in the case of EOS lip balm it did just that. The old major lip balm companies like Chapstick and Blistex are now emulating the product releases of EOS while that brand continues to innovate.

EOS was a startup with co-founders who had extensive experience in industry buying and designing products for major companies. This former industry expertise allowed them to identify the ability to spot major opportunities in the market as they did in th flip balm industry. Not only had the lip balm industry not changed for generations the established players in the industry each owned by big conglomerates competed solely on price and weren’t paying to their customers demands.

What customers wanted were more natural ingredients in their lip balms that were longer lasting and provided protection for lips that lasted more than the petroleum jelly lip balms that dominated the industry. While the higher quality ingredients that EOS inserted into their lip balms cost more than their competitors ingredients they were able to push these costs down to their customers. EOS products are considered a luxury lip balm but for the cost of $3 an orb on eBay. It is one that most customers are willing to pay for. When you add the interesting non medicinal flavors that they offer and the increasingly desirable sanitary Applicator orb you will see why EOS had grown into a $250 million a year behemoth.

Ultimately these product modifications pushed EOS lip balm into the second leading company selling lip balms in the country after Burt’s Bees. EOS has recently branched out into other health care products and is continuing to innovate into other product lines in the personal care industry. Their success is inspiring to many personal care companies looking to branch out into a crowded market. Fpor more info, visit the EOS Facebook page and website:


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Town Residential Is Unrivaled in New York City

Town Residential is a well respected real estate brokerage firm in New York City. It has many accolades to its credit. It was included in a recent list of, “Top 50 Best Places To Work in New York City“, and mentioned as one of the best firms for real estate representatives to work for. This is mostly thanks to the company’s amazing leadership which comes from its CEO Andrew Heiberger and its COO Jacqueline Pestana.


This is a company that strives to provide unparalleled customer service to its clients. People go to Town Residential because they want to take part in the dream of living the high life in New York City’s West Side. Since 2010, the company has established a solid reputation of helping people make their dreams come true. It specializes in luxury residential sales, and it is an expert in branding, marketing leasing, and selling high end properties. Thoughtful leadership comes to the company from the man at the top, Andrew Heiberger. He is the founder and CEO of the company. Under his command it has grown from one office in 2010 to 10 offices. The latest addition is in New York City’s meatpacking district along the Hudson River.


Town Residential has managed to do $9.5 billion in business in the period from 2010 to 2013. This makes it one of the most successful real estate ventures of all time. It has in many ways redefined the way luxury real estate firms operate. Its success has been so paramount that some say the company is an integral part of New York City itself. It has even developed a lifestyle magazine which gives residents and prospective clients a glimpse into the dream they could be living.


The company’s new office in the meatpacking district is part of its ambition to be the leading real estate company in New York City. It is in a sexy location right at the entrance to High Line Park. From here, it can be easily accessed by anyone who wants to inquire about luxury living on the West Side of New York City. The office is 7,000 square feet in size with high ceilings to increase its air of spaciousness. It has a roof deck that is like a mini resort. Clients can go up there to get a taste of the lifestyle Town Residential is selling them. For real estate representatives, it is the ideal environment for closing deals. Up there clients can literally feel the prestige of doing business with Town Residential. There are many who want to join the company, but there is a waiting list. Town Residential is for the finest real estate representatives who can provide best in class service to clients.


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Kate Hudson Helps Brings Out The Special Style Of Fabletics

One of the reasons that Fabletics is very successful is that it helps people explore their own style. For one thing, people are able to find the type of clothes that they like from the store. Also, Kate Hudson is a major player in the brand. She has done a lot to bring out the customers that is needed for a successful run. However, she has also seen the disadvantages of working as an entrepreneur on AdWeek. For one thing, she has had to do a lot of work to bring forth success in her company. However, it has paid off.

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Kate Hudson is also impressed with the success of her company. For one thing, she has noticed that there has been a huge level of success on YouTube in her company in just the 3 years that it has been open. However, there is one thing that Kate Hudson reveals about being a celebrity. One of the things she reveals is that it is a lot like being under a microscope. Therefore, Kate Hudson has to micromanage everything that she is doing so that there will be a no damages to her reputation or the reputation of her company. Fortunately, there has been a lot of good news about her company. For one thing, Kate Hudson has made sure that Fabletics has satisfied customers.

One thing that could be said for Fabletics is that there is a lot of creativity being put forth in the products that are designed and offered. There is also a lot of creativity put into the marketing of the products. This is one of the factors that play into the success of the company. While some people love the idea of starting a company that grows regularly, there are some people that experience a lot of tension when it comes to the challenges of running a big company.

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Andy Wirth’s Outstanding Performance in the Hotel and Mountain Sector.

Andy Wirth is an expert in the management of hotels and resorts. He currently works as the chief executive officer of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The firm comprises of two major units and they are the Alpine Meadows and the Squaw Valley ski resorts. Both branches are located in California’s Olympic Valley. Andy was born on 25th July 1993. He studied at the Colorado State University and graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree. Mr. Wirth went for further studies at the Edinburgh University where he was awarded a master’s degree. Most of his life has been linked to the wilderness and nationals parks since he is a grandson of the US National Park Service’s former director. He is highly experienced, and this has made him prominent in the mountain resort field.

Andy’s career started in 1986, and his first employer was the Steamboat Springs Resort. He worked for the company’s marketing team, and he was later promoted to be one of its administrators. In 2007, Wirth was appointed by the Intrawest to serve as the chief marketing officer, and after working for a short while he was promoted to be the executive vice president of the firm. The Squaw Valley Resort hired him to his current position in 2010, and he took over from Nancy Cushing. The Cushing family had been the administrators of the enterprise for a long time.

The contributions that Mr. Wirth has made in his long career and the society have been acknowledged, and therefore, he has been a winner of multiple awards. He has been designated as the Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year, and the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees also chose him to as the winner of the Exceptional Service Award of the Chairperson. Due to his philanthropic undertakings, he was named by the Disabled Sports USA as its Citizen of the Year, and he also won the Community Five Award. Andy loved skiing, and he was involved in a serious accident in October 2013 where his right arm was torn off by a tree as he landed. Apart from his undertakings at the Squaw Valley Resort, Andy Wirth also received and appointment to be the president and chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation.

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How to Choose an Online Reputation Management Firm

Your online reputation means everything to your business. If you notice that you are getting negative results in your Google results, or your business is suffering from critical reviews, then you should hire an online reputation management company. However, choosing a quality firm that you can trust completely is not a walk in the park? Here are some tips to help you select the best company:

Conduct a good online search

If you decide that you will hire an Online Reputation Reviews firm your first stop should be an online search. Never go for companies that spend too much for advertisement. A recent study revealed that the terms online reputation management receives more than almost ten thousand searches every month. This means that the search is valuable, and many companies in this industry will put their advertisements there. Do not fall victim for these tricks. Just stroll to get the organic searches below. You will most probably find good companies there.

Contact the ORM firms

When you are done with your search, then next step is to communicate with the few companies you have selected.

Understand all the ORM sales materials

After you have had a chat with your sales representative, you will have the best opportunity to look at their sales materials. They might give you a case study, a simple proposal or may be an outline of what a campaign from the company looks like. Ensure that you are extremely diligent in your review process.

Does the firm boast of quantity or quality?

If you are looking for a company that will fix your search results, stay away from companies that will promise you specific numbers. This will mean that the firm lacks Google understanding, and they will not have the flexibility needed when an opportunity arises. Go for companies that are offering quality services just to be on the safe side.

Understand your contract

When you choose your ORM firm, you will have to sign a contract. The most important thing is to ensure that you understand all the terms of your contract so that you do not face any problems in the future.


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Let It Shine with EOS

As the warm weather is ending, cold weather follows along with dry lips. Many people are plagued with dry, cracked lips when the temperature starts dropping. There is magnificent news for long-time lip sufferers, there is a lip balm for you; Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balm. EOS is 100% natural and 95% organic. You will feel as your lips are rejoicing with long-lasting moisture and when applies smooths on clear. EOS lip balm isn’t a normal lip balm as it isn’t just in a cylinder stick as others are but in a small sphere container. The small sphere container, however, is the main design, but for the few people who are old fashion you have a choice of smooth stick lip balm.

EOS lip balm offers a variety of choices available on both eBay and Ulta; from the type of flavors or the types of smoothness. A few favorites are coconut milk, passion fruit, visibly soft, smooth, and shimmer smooth. For the energetic, exercise-loving person, your lips will not feel dry and crack anymore with active protection lip balm; excite your lips with the grapefruit flavor as well as protecting as this lip balm offers SPF 30 protection. Going out with the girls or that special loved one, or are you just going about your day as normal? Let your lips shine, with EOS shimmer smooth lip balm; offered in pink or pearl. Can’t decide on just one, EOS offers 2- or 4-pack lip balm. Don’t let your lips go through the day dry again, smooth on EOS lip balm and feel moisture all day. Visit for more info.




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