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Waiakea: Natural And Sustainable

Waiakea is the one company that presents water that is every bit as high in quality as it is said to be. For one thing, a lot of other sources take their water from the city and filter it. Waiakea on the other hand is taken from some of the highest quality sources.

The water is naturally filtered in the volcanic areas. Therefore, people who drink Waiakea water will consume the healthiest type of water they will need. At the same time, it is also very sustainable. One thing that is common is that anything that is high in quality is going to be very rare.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea spring water has proven to be a hit with people. For one thing, it has shown itself to be the type of water that fulfills its promise. This is one of the reasons that Waiakea has grown as a company at an amazing rate. Other companies that make huge claims will find that they stop at a certain point.

This is usually because someone finds out that they have presented false claims. Forbes said that on the other hand Waiakea water tells the truth about its sources. At the same time, they let the water speak for itself.

It is the customers that talk about how high the quality of water is. Therefore, they are able to spread the word about this special treasure. As a result, more people are learning for themselves the health benefits they are missing out on with other types of water.

For one thing, the other forms of water do not have an appealing taste like Waiakea water does. Therefore, people that give water from this company a try will find themselves not going back to the other forms of water that they used to drink.

Waiakea has experienced a 5,000% expansion in just 3 years of being in business. This type of growth has proven to be sustainable. Therefore, the company can be trusted with its claims of water. Those that are interested in this type of water just need to look online to find out where it is sold. They could also order online.

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The Exceptional Leadership of Timothy Armour

The Board of Directors of the Capital Group, commonly termed as the home of the American Funds and one of the world biggest hedge investment management firms elected Tim Armour to take over the vacant position of the Chairman of Capital Group.

Until his appointment to the position of the chairman Timothy Armour served as the Capital Group’s management committee as well as Capital and Management Company. Armour is taking the potion that was left vacant by previous Capital Group’s Chairman, Jim Rothenberg, this is following his death.

Along with other senior members of the firm management committees who include Phil de Toledo and Rob Lovelace was expected to work together with other members of the committee so as to communicate as well as implement Capital Group comprehensive business strategy and perform the required organizational oversight. One of the Tim and his team after taking over as the Chairman was to rebuild the market share, Capital Group manages over $1.4 trillion in assets.

Tim attended Middlebury College where he was awarded an economic degree. Based in Los Angeles, Tim Armour currently serves as the chairman of the Capital Group of companies as well as a principal executive officer of the Capital Research and Management Company, which is part of the Capital Group. Apart from that, he is a portfolio manager. His over 32 years of experience has been all with Capital Group. During his initial stages of Tim Armour’s career when he was serving as an equity investment analyst at the company, he serviced U.S. service companies and global telecommunications companies. Tim’s career begun by taking part in The Associates Program.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Timothy Armour advises investors to find active managers who can earn them their keep. He discourages investors from investing in funds that are predicted by an index because an index run investment does not discern the future performance of the stock due to trends in the market. He gave an example of the Blockbuster in early 2000 which had millions in value and Netflix was just fledging, he pointed out that currently, Netflix is worth over $45 million while Blockbuster is bankrupt. He says that investors should find managers who have the potential of analyzing the industry’s potential and its limit or pitfall so that they can make an informed investment decision.

Under Tim Armour’s leadership, the Capital Group established a partnership with Samsung Asset Management in order to offer retirement plans for employees. Capital Group and the South Korean firm will work together to come up with product development and improve the SAM capability to invest as well as co-develop retirement plan solution.

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Selecting Top Quality Hair Products

When you are in the market for hair styling products, start by taking into account your unique hair type. It is wise to pick product lines designed to cater to and nourish your hair.

Mousse is one of the finest hair styling products that enjoys a certain level of popularity. It can be used for holding your style in place or giving your hair lift. There are many types of mousse, making it possible to find one that works satisfactorily with just about any hair type.

If you want a solution designed to coax your hair to behave as you wish, opt for a styling spray. According to Wikipedia, these hair styling solutions aren’t designed to hold your hair in place. Instead, they are usually used to encourage hair to be curly or straight, as efficiently as to control frizz. Many styling sprays also contain conditioners.

If you like your style and want it to stay in place, select a good hairspray. Once you’ve coaxed your hair into that desired style, you don’t want a humid, rainy, or windy day to ruin the style. Spray on some hairspray and you are absolutely ready for the world. You don’t want something that will over-dry your hair and leave it vulnerable to breakage. As with other hair styling items, search for a hairspray on QVC stores that is designed for your hair type and carefully review the component list.

WEN hair has been around for years and many individuals are getting great results with their product lines. This company has a track record of creating excellent, effective products and their hair moisturizing hair products are top of the line. Chaz Dean makes his brands with safe formulations and his product lines are comprised of herbal substances. This shows how much this company cares about the well-being of their users.

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Why Julie Zuckerberg Has Our Attention

Hers may not be a name that has been heard much until recently, but Julie Zuckerberg is one of the best in her field. As an executive recruiter, she has shown that she knows what she is doing. Many companies who are looking for trust-worthy employees or partners know that when it comes to hiring the best, Julie Zuckerberg is the one for the job.


Julie Zuckerberg studied at Brooklyn College, as well as New York Law School. She has years of experience in a variety of skills related to her professional career. Some of these skills include finding solutions to conflicts, training employees, executive search, human resources, as well as talent acquisition.


Some of the big names that she has worked for include companies such as Hudson, Citibank, New York Life Insurance Company, and Deutsche Bank. Her determination and persistence in her career have garnered her top positions such as Vice President, Executive Recruiter, Director of Candidate Placement, and GTO, just to name a few. From her understanding and knowledge of her field to her quick and skillful response to problem solving, Julie Zuckerberg is known as one of the most trusted executive recruiters in New York City.


She knows how to navigate the complex corporate world with its many demands, twists, and complicated needs and has helped the development and negotiation of many partnerships, recruitment, and relocations. She is talented at strategy planning which is a strong point for her demanding career. She has also created job descriptions, filling positions with quality candidates and has successfully matched many individuals and companies.


On a personal note, Julie is also someone who enjoys staying active. She loves to run as a hobby, as well as continue to learn through keeping up with her education. Much of her success can be owed to this seeming inertia with which she lives life. Even so, with so much success under her belt and a continuous need to improve and do more, she still finds time with her family, friends, and loved ones to be something of the utmost importance.


Julie Zuckerberg is also very passionate about other causes that move many people and she does her part to volunteer and support things like animal welfare, civil rights and action, human rights, economic empowering, science, technology, and arts and culture.


All of these above-mentioned qualities and more are what make Julie Zuckerberg the power woman that she is.


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Medical Journals- Oncotarget

Living a healthy life is very crucial in our day to day lives and most of the people struggle to make sure their mind, body and even their spiritual being is healthy. With the advancement of technology individuals go online to get insight as well as knowledge on how to lead a healt6hy life. Several publishes have been made including Oncotarget and therapy journals.

The Oncotarget journals are provided to readers across the world at no cost. The Oncotarget is an index on the Pub Med Central and the publication on the papers are always submitted to the Pub Med for indexing purpose. The primary purpose of publishing the journals is to mainly cover all aspects of oncology. The journal was established in 2010 and the impact journal are responsible publishing the journals. The chief editors of Oncotaraget who are responsible for the publishing are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blgosklonny. Oncotarget is now providing free Altmerics Article reports as their latest part of their journal stage that will offer real-time following of article attention on both digital and tradition broadcasting channels.

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The journals are known to explore the evidence behind both the new and the old therapies and improve the outcome and also define their usage in in regards to their eventual uptake, and how the patient and the medical professional accept the therapy. The oncotarget is index online and the index include
• Pub Med and Pub central.
• Biological abstract
• BIOSIS preview
• Directory of open access journals
• Journals citations reports
• Science citation index
• Embase from 2009
• OAister : the open access initiative

Medical companies have an added advantage when they publish their therapy on the journal. Some of the advantages include
• The journal is open and is accessible to anyone who opens the papers and can also be downloaded from the dove website.
• The journal is an electronic and even though it received a large amount of journals, the papers are always published.
Oncotarget is one of the fastest medical journals in the world and it does not frustrated publishes as their papers are published with no delay.
• When an author publishes their papers on the journal, the authors have found that the comments add up to final papers.

All medical authors are advised to publish their medical papers on oncotarget to help the world on therapies. The journal is a member and has also subscribed to the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE).

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The Lung Institute Uses Stem Cell Therapy Successfully

The Lung Institute treats a number of lung diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Pulmonary Fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, Emphysema, Interstitial lung disease, Pneumoconiosis and Bronchiectasis. These same lung diseases can be successfully treated with stem cell therapy. And, these stem cells are actually harvested directly from the lung disease patient.

The stem cells are applied using two treatment therapies: the blood or venous treatment and the bone marrow treatment. The blood venous treatment is performed over the course of three days. First, an IV is inserted and the autologous, hematopoietic stem cells are harvested. After additional preparation the stem cells are returned to the patient’s body intravenously. At that point the healing begins.

The bone marrow treatment is more invasive, but does not require hospitalization. It too is a three-day procedure. First the venous sample is collected. The next day a bone marrow aspiration collects bone marrow fluid. After the samples are cleaned and the stem cells isolated, the stem cells are intravenously injected in the damaged area and the healing starts.

According to, the Lung Institute currently has five treatment locations: Scottsdale, Arizona; Tampa, Florida; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Nashville, Tennessee; and Dallas, Texas. Understanding the devastation that lung disease can cause to the lung disease patient’s physical and mental well being, the Lung Institute has taken the lead in using stem cell treatments to cure respiratory diseases.

By using these minimally invasive procedures, the Lung Institute is successfully reducing the debilitating symptoms and progression of the diseases. Now, because of the health care received at the Lung Institute thousands of patients are once again participating in the activities they once enjoyed prior to lung disease. Using stem cell therapies, the Lung Institute is poised to continue restoring lives once limited by lung disease.

For more info, visit the Lung Institute YouTube channel.


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Why the US Money Reserve Advocates for the Procurement of Metal Coins as Financial Security

The Reserve serves as the nation’s largest distributors of coins. Its long standing reputation has been crucial in the provision of high-quality services to clients as well as the issuance of rare gold coins. The parastatal has earned the trust of customers courtesy of their dedication and commitment to producing valuable products for their portfolios. Highly successful entrepreneurs credit the efforts of the reserve in withstanding harsh economic times.


The institution focuses on the production of silver, platinum and gold coins. By meeting the financial needs of customers, the organization has obtained the support and admiration of over 300,000 clients. Served patrons have made sound decisions regarding wise investment opportunities. As such, they have built reputable businesses in various industries.


To curb the effects of inflation, financial experts advise clients to invest in precious metals as a means of safeguarding their financial future. Platinum, gold and silver have outshone other assets in withstanding inflation. As such, gold is predicted to fetch a high price in future.


Benefits Obtained


Ownership of gold is extremely beneficial to customers due to numerous reasons. For instance, such metals are in abundance and are only controlled by market forces of demand and supply. As such, gold or gold coins are in demand irrespective of political needs of various governments.


Central Banks have taken advantage of the situation and stockpiled on their gold reserves. Nations such as Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan and Iraq have diverted their attention to precious metals. Such countries are assured of financial safety during economic crises.


Retirees are also encouraged to invest in gold as a means of financial security. This ensures that their hard earned income is put to better use during the sunset years. Elderly clients are provided with silver and gold metal retirement accounts to safeguard various stocks of gold available. Afterward, such metals can be converted into cash and spent on essential activities.


The Money Reserve department is staffed by qualified experts in various departments. Moreover, the institution has hired Mr. Philip N. Diehl as its director to spur customer attraction. While at the helm, the reserve has generated high-quality and certified metals to satisfy the financial needs of clients.


The director is credited for his role in the supply of 2 million coins to customers. Such high figures are worth $ 1 billion in retail prices. Furthermore, customers are at liberty to return unsatisfactory orders within 30 days of purchase. Unsatisfied clients are eligible for refunds provided the coins are in their original condition.

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Recap of Cleansing Conditioner in the Wen Haircare Line

Even after several accounts of possible bad side effects of the Wen haircare line, Emily McClure decided to try their product and review it on Bustle. Here is the link Emily is an avid haircare fanatic who decided, despite the bad reports, it was well worth trying to find out if the “amazing” haircare line was worth all the hype it was getting. She opted for the Fig version that promises moisture, bounce, and shine.

Emily goes on the describe her hair as a greasy/frizzy, unruly mess and in desperate need of a shower. As she begins the process, she starts by reading the directions and realizing that the recommended use amount is quite a large number, especially for someone with fine hair. There are then photos that show the separate amounts of a regular amount of a shampoo used and the recommended amount of Wen product to use.

After following the directions and continuing this process for seven days. Even though Emily found that her hair did not stay curled for long, her hair was beginning to really gleam. She even got compliments on Twitter on how shiny her hair was, while out with friends. Overall, she found that the product is wonderful for a person who showers and styles their hair daily, but not for those who shower nightly or not every day.

The Wen by Chaz Dean haircare line is one of the most known haircare products out on the market today. This product claims to take any damage done to hair and repair it. There are several different lines for each type of hair that could be out there. Wen hair products are sold by major retailers which eBay and Guthy-Renker to name a few.


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Madison Street Capital Releases its M&A Report for 2015

Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a well-known investment banking company that was founded several years ago. The institution has always been committed to excellence, integrity, service and leadership in delivering the financial advisory services to organizations that are publicly and privately owned.

Madison Street Capital has been able to accomplish a lot because it understands the sensitivity of time in corporate finance, and it has always been able to respond tenaciously and quickly to the opportunities that come out. The approach used by the banking firm has created finance transactions where the investors and business owners benefit significantly. The institution has all the knowledge, the experience and relationships that can match the sellers and buyers. The banking firm has all that is needed inappropriate financing, capitalization structures and many other activities that are required to fit the needs of the clients.

For many years, Madison Street Capital’s reputation has been good because it always uses methodologies that reflect its expertise and experience in all the areas in corporate finance, especially in acquisitions and mergers, specialized financing, due diligence and market pricing, deal structuring, valuation and the implementation of alternative exit strategies.

The company is also known for helping clients in different parts of the world in reaching their goals in a timely manner. The institution’s understanding and experience in the areas of corporate finance and corporate governance is one of the reasons Madison Street has become a leader in the financial advisory services. At the moment, the investment banking firm has offices in Africa, North America, and Asia. The institution is also looking forward to increasing the number of its offices in the future.

Not long ago, Madison Street Capital decided to release a report explaining the transaction activities and M&A prospects in the industry. According to the report, the investment bank managed to successfully close forty-two operations in the year 2015. The report also explained that this number was high compared to the thirty-two transactions completed in 2014. The volume of the transaction was reported to have increased significantly in the year 2015 too. The report explained that 2016 was looking more profitable than the other tears because of the deal momentum.

The assets in the hedge fund industry also registered a great success in the year 2015 despite the weak performance that was recorded in the fund strategies in the previous years. Investors in the industry decided to diversify their portfolios by varying in the alternative asset management industry.

The investment banking company is expected to announce the report for the year 2016, and the results will be better. The company has been doing quite well, and this has enabled it to get several awards in the competitive market. Madison Street Capital has also been committed to offering help to the unfortunate individuals in the society.

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Waiakea Water Brings A New Volcanic Sustainable Water To Consumers

For the past couple of decades, more and more people have been turning away from bottled water. The plastic bottles create more trash and are worse for the environment. They also tend to contain city water, as opposed to natural water.

To most consumers, the risk just isn’t worth. More and more people are choosing to lessen their carbon footprint on the earth. Waiakea Water is the new exception to the rule. This water company gets its water from a pure, natural source and is sold in environmentally friendly packaging.

 Waiakea water was founded by Ryan Emmons. He wanted to build a company based around his idea of bottled Hawaiian volcanic water after he discovered there was something magical and special about the water he and his family had been drinking. He knew he wanted other people to try one of the most healthy and sustainable water sources on Earth.

According to Crunchbase, Waiakea spring water is taken from one, pure source on the Big Island of Hawaii. This water is filtered through the Mauna Loa volcano and has a unique mineral composition. It’s rich in electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. Learn more about Waiakea water:

It also has the close-to perfect amount of silica, which gives the water a silky taste. This silica has also shown that it can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by up to 11 percent.

This special water also has a pH amount that makes it naturally alkaline. Pure water has a slightly lower pH, and even though there are waters which are artificially alkaline, those tend to be worse for your body. Studies have shown that drinking artificially alkaline water has side effects that should be avoided.

Aside from Waiakea’s water coming from a naturally sustainable source, it is also bottled at a business location that uses 33 percent renewable energy. The sustainability of their water is also reflected in the way they chose to package it. It is one of the first bottled waters to be certified by CarbonNeutral.

It is made with 100 percent recycled materials that use 85 percent less energy to make than regular plastic bottles. The bottles are BPA-free and the creation process also reduces carbon emissions by more than 90 percent. Learn more about Waiakea water:

In addition to the environmentally friendly mission of the water, Waiakea as a company also holds a global mission. They partnered with Pump Aid which is a charity that dedicates itself to implementing clean water supplies to communities in rural Africa. This charity has given over 1.35 million people access to clean and safe water.

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